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Galimard Perfumery


Galimard recently opened the last door to the mysterious art of perfume, long closed to the public: the magic of perfume creation.
You have no doubt dreamed of the day you would find your own personal fragrance. A scent that is exclusively your signature brand. With notes that will remind you of fond memories, of people, places, and things that enchanted you, or continue to touch your heart. A scent that is uniquely “you,” one that makes you distinctive, one that establishes your personal fashion or style.
In our “Studio des Fragrances,” our “Nose” will transform you into a true creator of perfume.
Comfortably settled before your perfume organ with 127 notes, you begin a journey of discovery, learning the different base products and the techniques used to combine them. 
Our Nose will explain the architecture of a good perfume, with the top note (head note), middle note (heart note), and base note (bottom note). He will help you evaluate your unique olfactory sensitivities and explain the classification of the major fragrance families, along with their typical components, all while describing the basic principles of achieving a harmonious formula.
You will then be free to let your imagination sweep you away into the creation of your own perfume, a composition that you will take home in a personalized perfume bottle with the name of your choice.
Your unique formula will be recorded in our confidential database, available for you to order again by mail at any time.


- The “Studio des Fragrances” is open every day, by appointment, to individuals or groups.
- Length: 1½ to 2 hours, depending on your available time
- Workshops given in French, English, German, Italian, Japanese, Finnish, Swedish, and Chinese
- Capacity: 1 to 30 people per session



Through the magic of smell, you can rediscover the treats of your childhood, the pleasure of a meal shared with friends, a lunch beneath a leafy arbor, or relive travels to far-off lands.
This new concept gives you access to a 40-fragrance organ, with scents tied to certain foods and the special smells that awaken your olfactory memory and taste buds, to create a delicious Eau d’Ambiance (home fragrance).

Choose from a menu that includes Flavors of Summer, Flavors of Childhood, Oriental Flavors, and Aromatic Flavors. Just like a skilled chef, you need to select several scents for your creation.

Your fragrance will be structured like a real perfume, with its top note (“appetizer”), heart note (“main course”), and bottom note (“dessert”).
Our Perfumer and the Studio des Fragrances staff will be by your side on this journey as you create your Eau d’Ambiance. 
The experience will end on a sparkling note with a glass of champagne.
When you leave, you will take your Eau d’Ambiance and matching Flavor Diffuser with you, the scented signature marking your visit to Parfumerie Galimard.
Your unique recipe (recorded in our confidential database) can then be mail-ordered again at any time.


- Length: 1.5 hours
- 100ml Eau d’Ambiance (home fragrance) and 100ml diffuser included
- 1 to 4 people


Flavor: noun 
1a: archaic. Odor, fragrance; b: the quality of something that affects the sense of taste; c: the blend of taste and smell sensations evoked by a substance in the mouth. 2: a substance that flavors. 3a: characteristic or predominant quality; b: a distinctive appealing or enlivening quality.


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